How do I appeal a score?

My score doesn't look right.

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Note: This is dependent on whether the Event Organizer has enabled this feature

We always encourage you to resolve any issues on the competition floor before leaving the floor, however in situations where a score looks off, you can appeal a score that's currently on the leaderboard directly from Competition Corner.  

If the event is using this feature to manage their appeals through Competition Corner, this is how you would submit an appeal:

  • Log into your Competition Corner account (The account associated to your registration).

  • Go to your Dashboard

  • Click "Appeal Score" for the active competition you're registered to.

Note: You can only appeal a score if it is on the leaderboard and within the appeal timeframe specified by the organizer of your event. 

Provide as much detail as you can about your dispute.  You can check back on the status of your dispute anytime simply by opening up your challenge.  

What can you do?

  • ONLY the registered Athlete can submit a challenge (If you're on a team, only the Team Captain can submit a challenge on the teams behalf).

  • You can check on real time status of your dispute.

  • You can message back and forth with the Head Judge.

  • You will receive an email anytime something changes on your dispute.

If you're ready to submit an appeal, login to proceed:

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