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How do I submit a refund claim through Protecht?
How do I submit a refund claim through Protecht?

Refund protection plan

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This is ONLY applicable if you purchased the enhanced refund protection plan at the time of registration and need to file a refund request.

INITIATE A REFUND REQUEST - Customers should click the “Request A Refund” button in the Protecht confirmation email. Alternatively, the customer can visit the Enhanced Refund Program Help Center at

PROVIDE THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTATION - To qualify for a refund, all requests require supporting documentation as proof that the refundable reason occurred. Required documentation is determined by the selected refund reason under which the customer filed.

REFUND REQUEST IS REVIEWED - Once a refund request is submitted with the appropriate documentation, there fund process takes approximately 1-3 business days. For example, a doctor’s note would be required for a refund request relating to accident or illness.

If a request is filed for a refund reason and contains the correct documentation, the customer will be refunded for the refundable amount on their refund program.

All policy claims are handled directly through our insurance partner, Protecht. There is no need to contact the Event Organizer.

Where can a customer go for help?

Although customers purchase protection directly from Competition Corner, Protecht is the third-party entity servicing the program, and all refund questions should be directed to Protecht via the following channels:


Call 844-800-5585 or email


Call Insurance Insight at 888-828-1866 or email

Other refund resources:

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