If you are working with an external system that captures scores such as a chip or an aquatics timing system. You can quickly process scores into Competition Corner through a simple API connection.


The originating system

  • must have the capability of delivering data over an API (if not check out this article, Importing Scores)

  • at minimum, it must deliver 2 required data points a participant ID and the results

  • if scores are captured in time, the data must be in the following format HH:MM:SS.000

This is what a typical output would look like from your originating system:

"First Name": "Lexi",
"Last Name": "DeSaracho",
"Gender": "Female",
"Team Name": "",
"CompCornerID": "524658",
"CGID": "1236",
"Time": "00:13:37.2"
"First Name": "Allison",
"Last Name": "McClellan",
"Gender": "Female",
"Team Name": "",
"CompCornerID": "527182",
"CGID": "1245",
"Time": "00:13:59.1"

Setting up your connection

  • Go to Scoring Setup, click the API Integration tab, click +

  • Select your workout

  • Map your data points

  • Establish the frequency of pulling data from the source API


You provide should have the capability to provide you with a simulation to ensure you've established a successful connection.

A quick way to test is copy an existing workout and replicate the same API settings. Once you've confirmed scores have been processed successfully, simply delete the test workout.

Scoring Amendments

It's very important that a score that is adjusted, happens at the source.

If a score is changed directly in Competition Corner, it will be overwritten by the API.

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