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How do I move an athlete?

Moving an athlete between events, divisions, competition format

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Change happens in so many ways, an athlete signs up for the wrong event, wants to move away from a team, wants to join a team. It can become a pain managing so many decision changes, but we have a few tools you can use to address any of these scenarions:

Moving athletes between events

If you are running multiple events and an athlete signs up for the wrong one.

  1. Go to the Athlete list, click on the […] from the Action’s column

  2. Click Transfer Participant

  3. Pick an active event and their destination division.

  4. Click Resend Registration Confirmation (if you want to notify them)

Moving athletes within your event

Swap an athlete from one team to another team

  1. Go to the team, click Swap Athlete Between Teams

  2. Pick a division, team and the athlete you want to swap

Moving an athlete from one team to another team that has an empty spot

  1. Go to the team, click Move Athlete

  2. Pick a division, and the destination team .

Note: Only teams with an available spot will appear on the list.

Moving an athlete from a Team to an Indy division

  1. Go to the team, click on ‘Transfer to Indy Division’

  2. Select the division you want to move the athlete


If you move the last team member, you will also delete that team,

You can only move an athlete to a division that has an available spot.

Moving an athlete from an Indy division to an existing or new Team

  1. Locate the athlete from the Athlete’s List (Participants > Athletes)

  2. Click […] from within the Action’s column

  3. Click Transfer to Team Division

  4. Select a destination team or create a new team

Note: You can only move an athlete into an existing team if there is an available spot.

Scoring Note: Any scores associated to a transferred athlete will be removed from the leaderboard and may affect the overall rankings.

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